Damascus steel knives

Damascus steel knives

Quality Proven in Centuries

Damascus steel is a unique material which is famous for its qualities and fancy pattern. The blades made of it outstand with incredible solidity and extreme sharpness. Damascus steel is perpetuated in a variety of legends and nowadays is considered to be the best material for knives, especially the hunting ones.

The technic of creating Damascus steel knives lies in welding of multiple layers of steel which cause distinctive patterns on the surface of the blade. Such knives have an outstanding quality of flexibility. They are able to bend and straighten back like a spring without damages to any of their characteristics.

What makes Damascus Knives so special

Damascus chef knives are very useful in the kitchen. A lot of people give preference to these knives because they remain sharp far longer than the other. The cutting edge does not wear off and acquires a shape of a saw over time. When the knife eventually needs to be sharpened it is better to use whetstones. Damascus chef knives also look super cool comparing to ones with blade of other steel and can be a perfect addition to the décor.

Damascus steel knives are very popular among hunters and fishermen, both professionals and amateurs, exactly for their characteristics of sharpness and remaining of this quality. Smooth shape and very sharp cutting edge allows you to operate the knife handily and without any intension. These knives cut any kind of meat easily and fast, but chopping bones can damage the blade and is not recommended.

Affordable Damascus Boker Knives

Custom Damascus knives look like masterpieces. The only limit in their design is imagination. The handle can be made of any material, preferably natural, decorated with an ornament or carving. The shape of handle is selected according to the personal preferences and provides comfort in handling it both in right and left hand. Each master has his own style and makes the unique pattern. Creating custom Damascus knives is a delicate and hard work but the results are impressive.

If you are looking for a Damascus steel knife we would suggest you to buy one from Boker, which is a renowned German manufacturer that produces the top quality knives for almost 150 year. It offers a large variety of high-quality Damascus knives which will satisfy the wish of any customer. Each Boker Damascus knife has its own character and incomparable beauty. This custom-oriented knife maker offers knives for a reasonable price that makes the famous Damascus knives affordable to everyone.