How Much do You Know About Swiss Army Knives?

How Much do You Know About Swiss Army Knives?

You probably aren't aware of how high the demand for Swiss Army Knives is. Around 34,000 knives are produced every single day. Switzerland has blessed us with many genius inventions, and when we think of Swiss Army Knives, that's the first thing that comes to mind. You probably also imagined that they were a product from Switzerland, but you couldn't be more wrong. Originally the first such tools were made in Solingen, Germany by a company called Wester & Co back in 1890. Today, a Swiss Folding Knife is almost a staple in every household.  

What is so special about these knives?

This kind of knife is an invention of pure genius. It's a convenient item to have at hand because you could do close to anything with it. Starting from cutting things to opening bottles and other appliances, it can also be used to cut wire, carve things, trim nails and the list goes on. There is not a single tool that will give you so much edge. On top of all the greatness, it’s extremely small and specifically compact to fit in a pocket. We can all agree that it is a true accomplishment in the area of design.  

A little bit about the Swiss Army Knife history

In 1884 a cutlery workshop, founded by Karl Elsener, went on to win a manufacturing contract and create knives for the Swiss Army soldiers, which soon gained a huge popularity. The term Swiss Army Knife was actually coined by Americans during the WWII, because the original German title was difficult to pronounce. Today the famous Victorinox Swiss Army Knives are more than 100 years old. This amazing pocket multitool was legally registered in 1897. About 34,000 pieces with the distinctive Swiss cross leave the factory in central Switzerland each day, so it is clear that this tool is still in high demand.

Interesting facts about the iconic knife

The Swiss Army Knife has been exhibited in museums of art for its excellence in design. Some Swiss Army Knives even come with thermometers, flashlights and ballpoint pens. One of the largest Swiss Army Knives is the SwissChamp XAVT which contains 44 tools and performs over 80 tasks. There are even Swiss Army Knives for kids! Victorinox produces pocket tools suitable for children as well as adults.

These multitools undergo rigorous inspections for quality control. Every single component of the knives is inspected. Perfectionism is one of the key elements to the process. Victorinox additionally produces watches, cosmetics, clothing, cutlery and even perfumes. Only about 40% of the company is devoted to producing Swiss Army Knives.  

We now know that Swiss Army Knives were not entirely a Swiss brainchild, but today, the clever invention is produced in Switzerland. With such an abundance of facts, you will never look at this useful tool the same way again. It is no wonder it is one of the top selling pocket knives in the world.